I went to university in London after completing BSc Psychology I was sponsored by a start up consultancy to study MSc Organisational Psychology. At the age of 23 I was delivering L&D workshops to large corporate organisations. I felt very much out of my depth the only experience I had to deliver these workshops was theory base. I knew I wanted to keep developing my all round OD  & LD experiences and decided to take a different route to come to where I am now and where I always wanted to be.

I worked in London as an Account Director for a specialist recruitment agency, this developed my understanding of relationship building, recruitment & selection and HR processes.

I then went on to work for Tussauds organisation as Operation Director responsible for over 250 people this developed my Leadership skills.

When I became a Consultant I had the confidence to deliver a bespoke all round service. I had the privilege to work around the world with many organisations ERICSSON, AMEX, PHILIPS, AKZONOBEL, MAESRK, NESTLE to name a few.

I specialised in Executive Coaching from 2006. I gained an iLM diploma and developed my skills over the last 13 years. In 2013 I completed a course in Fitness and Lifestyle Coaching to keep developing my skills. I have coached people from varied Professions from Medical Surgeons to Artists.

Little more about me…

Who is your mentor? Anyone that is striving to make a difference is a mentor and wants to keep progressing and learning, is a mentor. I like to have a varied network that I can draw on for inspiration.
How physically fit are you? I consider fitness a hobby & passion. My week is always busy but I always find time for gym, tennis and hiking.
What do you find most irritating in other people? People that lack curiosity, and people who are rude.
What is your greatest asset? My intuition, self awareness and vulnerability. My greatest failures have come when I ignored my intuition.
What ambitions do you still have? Write a cookbook that features my passion for healthy food and my middle eastern culture.
In what place are you happiest? On a tennis court and in the kitchen cooking for friends & family.
What drives you? Coffee, Curiosity, Creativity, Challenges, flexing to Changing world.
What is your greatest fear? Stagnation, complacency, boredom.
What is your greatest challenge? Preserving a healthy balance in life to sustain my mental, physical, spiritual and emotional wellbeing so I can be full of energy to give my time and attention back to others.

The map below highlights the locations in which I’ve delivered projects so far (highlighted in pink)

Working around the world